Taking mans best friend out into the countryside has always been popular and with the range of camping tents for dogs now available, the sleeping arrangements can be more peaceful so all those involved can get a good nights sleep. Dogs sleep as much as humans do (often more in old age) but don’t do it in one stretch like we do, often changing their sleep pattern to fit in with any activity.

The regular waking up of a dog can be a problem if sleeping in the same tent especially when they’re playful and not used to spending all night that close to other humans. Giving them their own space that they feel comfortable in is sometimes the best option.

ABO Gear Dog Tent

We have all become used to easy setup tents no matter how big they are and this dog tent from ABO Gear thankfully has that same simplicity built into this pet camping product. A lightweight shelter with good features as standard, the tent folds down into a compact carrying case (supplied) for easy transportation.

Camping Tents for Dogs

ABO Gear Dog Tent
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Quick Specs

No Tools Required
Instant Pop Up Tent
Detachable Soft Bed
Comes in Silver or Blue
Complete with Carry Bag
Size When Assembled :
42 x 32 x 42 Inches

Unlike the fair weather “shades” available for pets this tent takes hot and cold temperatures into consideration. Roll down covers for the breathable mesh windows during the cold can be tucked back for warmer days helping to create air flow through the dog tent.

Even though you can effectively seal the tent off from the cold air outside, tents are very poor at retaining heat. Adding some warm bedding for your dog when its a little on the cold side can only make it more comfortable. If you can take the bedding they use at home, they will at least have something familiar to sleep on.

Getting your Dog Used to its New Tent

Animals can be very fussy about new objects or situations and introducing your dog to its new tent for the first time while camping is not recommended. With all the new things going on dogs are unlikely to settle or even understand they are meant to sleep in it, resulting in a restless night for you almost as bad as having them in the same tent.

Having a dog in a bad mood along for the ride means their going to take that much more handling, which is going to change the whole nature of your camping trip and eat into the time you should be using to enjoy yourself.


Setting the tent up at home before a camping trip giving your dog plenty of time getting used to it will make things much easier when away from home. Dogs like most animals learn very quickly what gets the most attention from you and if its not happy with the surroundings could easily destroy the tent, making it an expensive outing.

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