Camping locally means I don’t mind trekking home a little on the smelly side as I’m not inflicting myself on other people. Its when catching a train or bus that any grubbiness really starts to show, especially compared to all the travelers around me who’ve had the luxury of leaving a warm house after a shower.

Over the years I’m prepared not to be offended when the person sat next to me just gets up and moves seat, after all I’d probably do the same if a person who’d spent 4 days wild camping in the hot summer weather decided to plonk themselves in the free seat next to me.

So if you ever wonder why there’s a spare set when people are stood up, your going to have to sit down to find out. Don’t worry though I’m not a bad person, I just smell that way 🙂


If there’s time and I can get a shower somewhere (or at least a dip in a pond), I’ll give it a go, but these are few and far between (even more so when you consider many of the remote train station used for getting home).

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is these shower in a towel products, that (to me) look just like massive wet wipes?. Found what looks like a decent product over on Amazon UK, as you can imagine there’s a great many companies making the same type of towels.

king size body cleansing towel

I’ve carried wet wipes routinely as a part of my camping kit for some time now and this may be a natural progression. Cut yourself with added dirt and a wet wipe is a quick and clean way to see whats going on without rubbing more crap into the wound.

My only problem is that although I’ll use them when necessary, I’ve never been a fan of the texture and smell of wet wipes. The thought of rubbing myself down with a massive version isn’t something I’ll be looking forward to, no matter how much it saves my fellow travelers from a nasal assault 🙂

The plan is to use one of these towels then get into the trip home clean clothes I drag about with me.

Has anybody used these products on those messy camping trips?, your thoughts would be most appreciated.

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