These Peter Storm beasts are my choice for a pair of walking boots that I hope will last me the whole of 2016 instead of churning through the soles in about 2 months (we’ll see).

Only been wearing them around the house for a week or so, but walked 6 miles of the canal out of Birmingham on Friday night and a good 10 mile hike around the local area on Saturday.

peter storm walking boots

You Will Not Fail Me 🙂

They were nicely christened on Friday night when I had to leave the canal towpath to ‘unburden myself’, only to step straight into what I can only hope was dog crap. I’ve always wondered how feasible it would be to engineer dogs so their poo was bright orange by day and glowed at night, would at least make an interesting view in parks across the UK 🙂

Tough Going

For someone who hasn’t been in anything but trainers for a few months now, these boots where a little tough right from the beginning. They’re heavy and very snug, almost makes we wish I was wearing my steel capped work boots!.

The recent walking has made a huge difference as the boots start to loosen their grip to the point where I feel they are going to be great for the gentle summer mountain climbing.


Manage to stumble on these boots during a quick visit to a Blacks camping shop. Blacks had one of their 30% off marked price deals, meaning I picked these up for just under 50 pound 🙂 . Even if they survive 3 of those lovely summer camping months, they will have been well worth the cash.

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