I’m not one for recurring dreams but every single one lately seems to be based around mountain camping in the height of summer, even if its not the main subject its in there somewhere.

While these are better than my average night time excursions, its maddening to wake up in bed instead of crawling out of a sleeping bag to a beautiful summer morning.

sunset over mountain

The rise in overnight temperature in the last few weeks does make for a more enjoyable overnight camp but its still a long way from a sleeping bag only outing at altitude.

Writing this post and the odd quick local wild camp might help to keep my thoughts in check a little, but only standing on at least a 500 meter mountain at midnight in shorts and T shirt is going to properly do the job 🙂

This years going by at a good rate and it won’t be long before the really good weather starts to kick in and those 3 day hiking/camping trips are on the table.

A Change In Media Tactics

Our usual way of recording the trips we take is by taking pictures but this year the mission is to get as much video as possible (which will be hosted on our you tube channel). My only hope is that I can keep the wife from swearing too much, so we end up with a lot more useable content and the editing process is much quicker for me.

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