Its another selection of free blogger sites this week. This is a good place to throw up a lasting website if you don’t fancy buying your own hosting, then dealing with it (not always fun), and there’s plenty of outdoor content to be had.

Wander the Hills, and Camp in High Places

Wander the Hills, and Camp in High Places has been around since 2016 and the pictures of the various camping spots are of a very high quality and stunning. This can make each post slow loading, but seriously worth the wait.

I’d love to have 1000 pixel high res images on this website, although it would slow things down to a crawl (even more so for those on poor Internet connections), and I don’t want to think what it would do to the backup file size?

There’s a good mix of places spread across the posts, with a fair amount based in wales (and all the lovely scenery that goes with it).

eBothy Blog

Alistair’s eBothy Blog is another with great visuals and a nice looking simple theme to find your way around with.

This is a compete new one on me and along with the camping posts, there’s also a good mix of other content which fits in well with the overall theme of the blog.

The post ‘In Search of Silence‘ has some nice pictures from the Isle of Skye along with a good write up. I also like the archive section with very old articles that (I believe) have been added to the site at a later date.

Its seems everybody’s enjoying all the cracking UK weather this year and there’s a lot of fresh content going up at the moment on the list of camping websites I trawl daily 🙂

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