At first I thought these 2 blogs were all but abandoned because of the length of time since the last post, although looking back through the history shows they’ve been around for some time and do get fresh content now and then.

Marks Walking Blog

If its glorious countryside pictures your after, then you’ve come to the right place. The long (and very descriptive) posts on Marks Walking Blog are littered with some great images. The scenery from a snowy Glyderau is just amazing.

Well worth adding to your bookmarks as I’m sure the upcoming summer will see some more content adding to this website.

Lee’s Outdoor Blog

This guy gets around with some excellent content from the lakes and Scotland (a wild campers dream) for you to plow through. Although the total post count on Lee’s Outdoor Blog isn’t that high, they’re quality and full of cracking pictures that make you want to grab your kit and head out the door.

I take a huge amount of pictures that never make it to blog posts because there’s just so many, and I imagine Lee does the same with only the best one’s getting used (and it shows).

This blog is centered around the more remote style of wild camping, and should be on your ‘blog list’ if that what floats your boat 🙂

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