Around the Hills

I really like blogs, in their natural state they produce a lovely clean look that’s easy to navigate. Around the Hills is a new addition to the wild camping eye candy blog list I keep and is stuffed to the gills with camp site information.


Nice long blog posts along with plenty of quality pictures make this a good place to check out planned trips and ideas for places you’ve never been before (or never considered going?).

Posting frequency isn’t too manic, but by the time you’ve worked through the backlog of lengthy posts, hopefully there will be something new to read. This website popped up in my Twitter feed a few weeks back and have been trawling through it ever since.

Judith (the author) likes the long distance hiking stuff (A+) and will get out in all weathers. Some of the locations come across really well in the cracking pictures and the icing on the cake would be a bit of video to go with them.

Martin Black

Can’t pinpoint when I first stumbled upon Martin Blacks website, but I’m sure it was when he was doing sections of the UK’s Grand Union Canal (a great hike).

The site layout has changed recently to really show off the amazing pictures this man takes. For an example, check out the time he spent in the French Pyrenees and the images attached to those posts.

Don’t see Martin so much on Twitter these days and I’m glad to have the site bookmarked as a reminder to drop by now and then to see if there’s any new content to read.

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