OK, time for some exercise. The comfort of my new home is starting to become a habit and I’ve been spending way too much time indoors lately. The Birmingham to Wolverhampton canal route is one I’ve done many times. Its easy to walk and access the much needed train back at the finish line.

Going to keep this post pretty much text free and serve up a load of pictures instead.

Danger, Selfie Alert!

A friend has rightly pointed out that there are very few selfies on this website, its because I’m so shy 😉
So in a break with tradition and to keep him happy, I’ve added one to the pictures below (you have been warned!).

canal trek starting point

Staring Point at BrindleyPlace Birmingham

birmingham barge water market

Barge Market, Brindleyplace

canal brindley place

Moving Out of Birmingham

small canal bridge

View from a Canal Bridge

smethwick canal junction

Route Map at Smethwick Canal Junction

Galton valley canal museum

Galton Valley Canal Museum

galton bridge

Galton Bridge

drink for walking

My Ugly Mug Enjoying a Beverage for the Walk

view from canal bridge

One of the Many Shoot Off Canals

eating elder berrys

Munching on Some Very Sharp Elderberries

coseley tunnel entrance

Coseley Tunnel Entrance

inside coseley tunnel

Inside the Very Dark and Slippy Coseley Tunnel

canal to wolverhampton

Coming into Wolverhampton

finishing the canal walk

Almost at the Finish Line 🙂

New Record!

Doing the longer walks with someone else will always have its advantages (least of all from a safety point of view) but going it alone means you can set a good pace and nothing can get in the way.

By keeping the messing around to a minimum, I managed to cover the 13 miles in just over 5 hours (5 hr 11 min), which is a new record for this route. The excellent walking weather really helped with just enough wind to cool things down, even ended up with a nice top up to the tan a summer outdoors has giving me 🙂

One Response to Birmingham to Wolverhampton Canal Hike – September 2015

  1. martin says:

    great to see you out again and yes more selfies mate keep it up

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