This isn’t the first go at completing this 21 mile hike along the canal between Birmingham and Warwick. The original attempt was a done with a walking partner who (after a great effort) only made it to Warwick Parkway train station (just short of Warwick itself) before deciding she couldn’t go on.

It didn’t help that we had to finish the hike on a dark canal, which was probably one of her least favorite places to walk at night. No such problems this time as I did the hike solo, so if things didn’t go as planned, then I only had myself to blame.

Canal Drawbridge at Shirley

Canal Drawbridge at Shirley

Hit a problem right from the off, with a good section of the canal shut due to towpath repairs. Luckily there was a decent map of the detour I had to take otherwise it would have taken me much longer to rejoin the canal.

Bring on the Mud!

muddy canal towpath

Muddy Canal Towpath

Even being prepared for a certain amount of messy mud on the route didn’t come anywhere close to the crazy reality of the situation. It had rained (and then some) the day before and it was very tough going for the first half of the hike (see video below).

A side effect of doing these walks outside of the summer months is it cuts down on the drinkers, motorbikes and random weirdos that clutter up the tow path when the hot and dry weather swings around!.

End Game

Old Canal Mile Marker

Old Canal Mile Marker

That was one crazy hike and I felt my legs really burning over the last few miles, making me wonder how bad the cramp was going to be once I took the weight off them.

Was mighty grateful to plonk my butt down on the train seats and did my best not to fall asleep so I didn’t end up at the wrong station 🙂

Total time for the journey 7 hrs and 40 minutes, which isn’t too bad when you consider the mud I had to deal with during the first 10 miles, but much longer than I had intended the hike to be.

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