When the unthinkable happens are you prepared?, do you have the skills and the knowledge to survive?, check out our list of the best survival books because knowledge is power.

History is littered with sad tales of people doing all the wrong things or nothing at all when caught in a dangerous situation but even a little bit of basic bushcraft and survival skills can greatly weigh the odds in your favor.

Here are some of the books that can show you how to come out on top when disaster strikes.


SAS Survival Book
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SAS Survival Handbook

Revised Edition: For Any Climate, in Any Situation

Written by a soldier who served 26 years in the British Special Air Service this book have been revised from the original edition to reflect the changes in world security since it was first printed.

The SAS requirements for entry are very strict with a series of actual tests were the soldiers are forced to survive in the wild for extended periods so we always love a book that has been written from a practical point of view, where the bushcraft has been put to the test in real life scenarios.

Along with what to do when put in a life and death position this book also goes through preparedness training to help ease yourself out of any potentially life threatening situation by having supplies, tools and methods already in place for essentials like building shelters and starting fires.

The SAS Survival Handbook has been in print since 1986 and this revised edition has been updated for the use of the new technology available to survival enthusiasts.

The next book is also from another military survival expert but across the other side of the pond.

The author Greg Davenport is a former United States Air Force survival expert with 30 years experience in bushcraft, wilderness survival and evasion techniques.


Wilderness Survival
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Wilderness Survival

2nd Edition

An easy to understand guide to wilderness survival that focuses on the five most important needs for staying alive. Learn how to prioritize personal protection, signaling for help, supplies, traveling and health to fit any emergency situation.

Greg has produced an very simple but effective system to identify your immediate needs and take action on those findings to greatly improve the chances of survival and rescue.

A great guide that cuts right to the core values and methods of survival.

Changing theme slightly we have included this book about basic prepping methods, Preppers have a huge community is the USA and the lifestyle has recently started to take a foothold in the UK.

Being ready for an emergency is just as important as having the skills to get yourself out of one and if you put the two together then you are on the winning team.


Preppers Guide
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The Prepper’s Pocket Guide

Based around the home this guide shows you simple things that can be done to your house to prepare for disasters.

Taking the form of a checklist of immediate emergency needs while also going through the methods and equipment to gradually make your homestead self reliant taking away the shock if the infrastructureĀ disappears suddenly.

Have been interested in the whole prepper movement for some time now and this book is a good reference for new and experienced preparedness enthusiasts as well as being an introduction to preppers in general.


The last book is more of a encyclopedia of survival knowledge comprised of 480 page full of clear step by step instructions back up by numerous illustrations.


Survival Wisdom
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Survival Wisdom & Know How:

Everything You Need to Know to Thrive in the Wilderness

Due to the size of this book it might be a bit impractical to lug around on a hiking trip but that’s the price you pay for a book crammed with so much information. Very easy to read this book can be studied at home to learn some excellent survival techniques.

Will be adding to this list as we find other quality books on survival, this page was going to end with a credible book about surviving a nuclear war but my own doubts about the validity of actually coming through an all out global nuclear conflict are making that book hard to find.

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