Just what are the best camping BBQ grills

The options are many but it breaks down easily into weight and cooking capacity.

If you have to carry the BBQ equipment any distance to the campsite or you are a long distance backpacker then its going to have to be light and small when packed away or its just becomes a deadweight that’s going to slow you down.

When camping with a car or RV then the weight of a grill is not much of a problem but you still don’t want something that doesn’t pack away neatly taking up too much space in the vehicle.

Disposable BBQ Grills

Disposable 1 sma

Disposable BBQ
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These can be a great option if you are backpacking as they are very light and take almost minimal setting up to start cooking and once used and allowed to cool down can easily be broken up and stored in a trash bag.

We like our summer wild camping and there is no option for making a fire at some of the places we visit so these are a good substitute for a bit of outdoor cooking.

The small drawback with disposable grills is the limited one time use.These grills come in different sizes to suit how much food you want to cook.

Lightweight Grills

lightweight grill 1 sma

Lightweight Grill
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A more reusable option is a lightweight barbecue grill that can be broken down and easily be carried for lightweight camping or backpacking.

This type of grill just needs a little bit of putting together and it is ready to go,  with a typical unit of this type weighing less than fifteen pounds it wont put much additional weight into your pack.

When the grills come with a different choices of cooking surfaces (which are usually the heaviest parts) a good tip to make things simpler and reduce weight even more is to decide on the one that will be most practical this trip and leave the rest at home.

Some of these products will not be supplied with a gas cartridge so check before buying any gas grill of this type that a cartridge is readily available and you can get it refilled locally.

Full Size Grills

Weber 46510001 Spirit E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill Black

Full Size BBQ Grills
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If you are driving when camping the BBQ options open up to include a whole range of full size grills and the only limitation is that of space in your vehicle to store the grill when traveling.

One major point to look for in a full size BBQ is the actual useable cooking area and if there are any side burners that will give it more flexibility.

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