OK, I’ve had this new Berghaus coat for a while now and feel that its had enough of a ‘run in’ for me to bang on about it. After shouting about new gear too quickly before giving things a murderous test and watching it fall apart a short time later, I’ve found its good to wait a while before doing the big thumbs up.

I safely feel now enough time (and tough testing) has gone by to let loose with some praise.

Berghaus, Keeping Wandering Welshmen Dry and Warm 🙂

Trial by Fire

There are those times when even the meticulous planning that plagues my life fails and I do stupid things like missing the last train/bus home. Its these times that 30 years of roughing it comes in dam handy and with the right kind of basic clothing, an idea of safe places to lie down, along with no other choice, saves the day (just try and find a cheap hotel room at a moments notice in a remote town or village late at night).

The Bauhaus coat has suffered a few of these impromptu ‘wild camps’ with ease and without a scratch. That’s not to say it hasn’t needed a good clean every so often, although this is easy enough. Along with the usual sleeping in random ditches there’s been a few good long walks while out enjoying the (changeable) early summer weather and its kept me warm enough when those nasty winds kick in.

The worst of the cold seems to be over now, making walking around in one of my other full heavy duty winter coats like having my own portable sauna. With a removable inner layer, I’ll be fine when things warm up a bit in the UK as I’ll just strip out the fleece part of the coat as needed.

Berghaus Inner Fleece

Missing Something?

A hit and run shopping style has its advantages (I’m NOT a fan of shopping), but sometimes it easily bites me in the arse. The combination of better things to do and being over pleased with the look/feel of the new coat made me miss the fact that the thing has now inside pockets!

This is a major problem for me as the amount of personal electronics carried on a typical camping trip are always way too much to fit my jeans pockets without severe discomfort. Adapting to this has meant more time in and out of the backpack and I’ve got used to arranging things so everything I need to lay my hands on is always at the top of my bag.

Here’s to a Long Life

Provided I don’t have some kind of really stupid accident (like setting the coat on fire), this piece of kit should last me a good while. This makes the 100 GDP paid a great investment, even if it manages to survive the whole of this upcoming 2017 summer wild camping madness (if only my hiking boots lasted that long).

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