Far outside normal fair weather camping gear the range of below 0 sleeping bags are designed for those of us who prefer to take advantage of the winter months to enjoy the outdoors. With the technology in extreme weather survival equipment improving all the time thanks to advancements in design and materials camping kit is more efficient than its ever been not only in how it performs but also that always essential weight factor.

Getting the Right Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Even though sleeping bags designed for use below freezing are always going to be a bit more complicated than everyday models the last thing any of us want is to spend too long messing around with an overcomplicated piece of camping equipment at the end of a long day.

When buying online take a good look at how the bag operates so that your fully understand what you are buying before parting with any cash. Reading a few reviews by people who have used the sleeping bag in cold conditions can be a great help and a search for the product on YouTube will often yield videos of the bag in use giving the next best thing to actually handling it yourself.

High Peak -40 Deg. Mummy Bag

High Peak -40 Deg. Mummy Bag
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How to Stay Warmer in Your Sleeping Bag

Outside of the design and technical specifications of a sleeping bag are the extra things you can do to maximize the warmth you feel while using it and even when a bag has an extreme cold weather rating additional steps must be taken to ensure a comfortable nights sleep.

Learn the Ropes

Learn how the sleeping bag works properly before attempting to use it in very cold conditions paying particular attention to how you fit into and seal yourself in correctly. Its better to get everything set in your head in the comfort of your home or on an easy camp then fighting with a new piece of kit in freezing conditions after a long hike.

Additional Clothing

Coleman Big Basin Extreme Weather 0-20 Degree Sleeping Bag

Coleman 0-20 Degree Sleeping Bag
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The clothing you wear while in a sleeping bag is a very important aid to keeping you warm. Multiple layers will always work best by creating natural barriers of insulting air between each layer, overdoing the amount of clothing can be a good strategy especially with unpredictable night time temperatures or a new sleeping bag. Any unneeded clothing can be removed once the inside of the bag has got up to a bearable temperature.

It has long been noted that a huge portion of the heat escaping the body when camping leaves though the head making it crucial to wear a hat and seal yourself into the bag properly in sub zero temperatures.

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

The ground is one of the major heat sappers for any camper so separate yourself from it as much as possible by using an external bedroll or putting one inside the sleeping bag.

You are the Furnace

At the heart of the sleeping bags refinements there is you providing all the natural heat needed to stay warm even in the coldest conditions. As with any heat generating system a healthy fuel source is needed to make things work. By keeping yourself hydrated and eating a meal before sleep (or at the minimum having a hot drink) will help your body to keep producing a good level of heat during the night.

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