Every bit of extra weight you carry when backpacking is just another thing eating away at your performance especially on those long multi day treks, by the time your pack has the food, water, clothing and any essential survival kit you need things are already stacking up.

Trying to shave a little weight here and there all adds up in the end and with enough experience we all settle on the absolute minimum of gear making for easier walking or climbing. Cooking equipment can make up a great deal of this weight and even though most of us don’t mind dry rations for a day or two there is no substitute for hot food and that all important morning coffee.

Backpacking Ultralight Canister Camp Stove

Backpacking Ultralight Canister Camp Stove
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  • Completely Variable flame
  • 3.9oz when packed away in supplied case
  • Piezo electric ignition
  • Compatible with a wide range of canisters

The 3.9oz Ultralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stove (Piezo ignition)

The stove is small but its simplicity makes it ideal for even an outdoor novice to use and the electric spark lighter is a nice touch (still good sense to bring along an additional weather proof way of fire lighting as well). Coming with a protective case the whole stove folds up into a manageable compact size helping to free up some space in your backpack.

Weighing just under 4oz makes this stove very easy to carry and even if you add a good sized screw type gas canister the overall weight of your hot food provider is still only in the region of 2 pounds. All the stability of this type of stove is based upon a good piece of flat ground (not always easy to find) and the base diameter of the attached gas canister.

During use it can sometimes be beneficial to go for the widest gas canister possible to keep everything from rocking while brewing up or rest at least one side of the stove against a rock.

Backpacking Ultralight Canister Camp Stove 3

This stove is nice and basic which is something we always appreciate in any camping gear as all those unnecessary added bells and whistles that some manufactures build into their products just mean more possible things to go wrong when you least need it.

This stove may not suit the cooking needs of everybody but its lightweight has to be a big plus with distance backpackers and with so many places now enforcing fire bans during the summer months even having it as a backup is comforting.

Backpacking Ultralight Canister Camp Stove 2 picture

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