Can lightweight camping hammocks a good option when camping instead of using a tent?

A quality lightweight camping hammock weighs a lot less than a small tent and if your hiking around from one campsite to another anything that takes a bit of weight off your back can only be a good thing.
camping hammock


As we said above its lighter than carrying a tent.

No more trying to find level ground to make it easy to pitch a tent on.

No worries about any flooding during the night unless you are camping on flood plain and its monsoon season.

Able to sleep on rocky ground and don’t have to spend time clearing away plant life to make a space for the tent.

Just attaching the ends of the hammock to trees is a lot quicker than setting up a tent.

For those of us that have a fear of bugs as you are not in actual contact with the floor this will stop you from coming into contact with a huge amount of the insects that going camping can involve.

If you have to move very quickly during the night just zip up the hammock with all you possessions inside, untie from the trees and sling over your shoulder as you walk away.



Having to find two trees with a good space between them to string the hammock up.

If unable to find tress then most of these hammocks can be used on the ground but apart from taking away the whole idea of carrying one in the first place you will most likely need a bed roll for a comfortable nights sleep.

These are not a very sociable way of camping if there are a few of you.

Could be a problem if you suffer from claustrophobia but buying a hammock with a mosquito net will take away the completed enclosed feeling that comes with some of the plain tent material hammocks.

Michelle (the other half of Wild Terrain) once had to spend 8 hours stuck inside a waterproof bivy sack while we were walking the coast in the UK to hide from a very nasty storm which freaked her out a little as she isn’t a big fan of closed in spaces so she likes the idea of having a mosquito net to let some light in but this will only work if the weather is good.

Cant imagine its much fun with a high wind and if you are prone to seasickness it could be an interesting night (maybe adding some sort of stabilizing ropes to stop any rocking).

Having to get in and out during the night to answer the call of nature.


After being totally waterlogged in the past when using a tent the most appealing side to using a hammock for me has to be the almost zero chance of flooding.

Still not sure if I can convince Michelle to completely switch over from using a tent but she will get her first chance to try out sleeping in a hammock this year so we will have to see.

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