Even though I’m trying to ignore Christmas a little this year and spend my free time wisely by getting some winter camping or hiking in (always the optimist), there’s still a few presents to buy for friends.

Some are harder to buy for than others and this is why I ended up trawling online shopping websites looking at knife sharpeners. The reason that I’d stayed away from using them over the years was being taught how to use a whetstone (wet stone) at a young age and found the whole ritual of putting a shine on a blade enjoyable.

hunting knife

A Typical Skinner Knife

Grim Tales

The best selling knife sharpeners online looked tidy enough until I started reading the customer reviews.

Just a quick personal observation about online reviews, not every review left on shopping sites are what I would consider wrote in the best interests of the product of even other customers, but spend enough time reading you’ll instantly weed out the proper ones and they were telling a grim story.

It seems that the convenience of running a knife through a device to give the blade an edge was a mistake for some people. Fair enough the knife was instantly better but the damage didn’t start showing until a couple of uses later.

The dragging action was given a slightly serrated finish to the blade and over time it was starting to chip away at it!. Text is never a great medium to express anger but the poor guy who had torn through a very expensive set of kitchen knives gave it a good go.

Maybe Not Then

I think I’d be properly pissed also if the cheap price of the sharpener had trashed a costly camping knife, and we all know the great ones don’t come cheap these days. I’m sticking with the stone and will have to dig deep to find another idea for a present 🙂

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