Been interested in the new hammock tents recently for use at some of our regular wild camping spots, where we know there are just the right tress to attach them to but are less then happy with the reviews.

One ongoing complaint seems to be the hammocks ripping the first time anybody attempts to get in. This could be a problem with the setup but its doesn’t inspire confidence when you keep in mind that some models are designed for 2 people and besides who wants to agonize over the safety of your bed at the end of a days hiking.

Hammock Tent

There no denying the benefits of getting far from the cold earth when sleeping but hitting it with a thud half way through the night isn’t much fun. As with all camping gear you get what you pay for and the reports of malfunctions do drop of sharply when looking at the more expensive models available. This sort of takes it outside of the price range I’m prepared to pay for something that can only be used in certain places and is a bit of an experiment.


And on a personal note there could be another problem, You see I snore badly sometimes. Its not all the time but usually when I’m overtired and have had a beer or two. Both these conditions are pretty much the norm when out hiking/camping and a tent hammock doesn’t leave much room for maneuvering.

Even with a two man tent my partner could slope off into a corner and do her best to ignore my snoring but there’s no getting away from me in a tent hammock. Blocking out the thunderous sound that escapes my throat could still be done with ear plugs, only that still leaves being led next to something all night that vibrates like a two stroke engine at full revs 🙂

The Game is On

Trying to get this one passed the comfort monster that’s Michelle is going to be another problem judging by the total lack of interest when showing her the hammocks I think might actually survive our sometimes rough camping trips. Not a lover of enclosed spacers to start with getting her to sleep in a one suspended a few feet above the ground is going to be a challenge.

Have you used a hammock tent?, let us know how you got on (good or bad).

Hammock Tent Courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License)

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