The older you get, the less things surprise you, sometimes to the point where even freakish events fail to register on your radar. This can make life seem dull sometimes, although normally there’s not much waiting before something new happens along and its all sunshine again.

For those that don’t know me, the very bad things that occur actually make me laugh. This doesn’t mean I spend all the time trawling the web getting all hysterical at people falling into shredders and the like, its just all focused on my mistakes and screw ups.

white knees


Without getting all self analyzing, its the ultimate coping mechanism. If you can see the funny side when things go totally to shit, your more likely to survive those ‘bad days’ outdoors than someone who freaks out just because they’ve lost a toe or finger (I mean come on, stop whining!, you got more right? and that accidents gonna kill it on YouTube!).

Frothy Jeans Anybody?

Decided today that I’ve done enough hiding from the poor weather, added some weight to the beast and wandered off down the lanes for some exercise. Not had a proper sleep all week bought on by lack of activity and much like you do with children when you want them out of the way for a night, set off to absolutely knacker myself out.

The rain was in for the day and knew a soaking was on the cards, but its never a problem getting wet provided you can keep warm enough by walking. As the rain started making its way into the jeans, I noticed ‘white stuff’ on both my knees. Thinking it was some sort of sap from a plant I’d walked through, wiped it off only to notice it return 10 minutes later?

Have to admit this completely threw me and my only thought is the washing machine I’m currently using just isn’t rinsing the clothes out properly before dumping them out. I imagine this spittle effect is confined to the knees as walking is pushing the fabric tight and getting the ground in detergent all excited (how’s that for an assumption?).

I normally don’t give a crap about my appearance when dragging myself around the countryside (ask anybody who’s ever camped with me!), although this just looked too odd even for me. More than a few of the people who passed by would never be any good if a facial ID was needed, as they were too busy wondering why I had sperm all over my knees 🙂

Even more of a worry is if this is being done to all my clothes, what’s going to happen when I get caught in a freak downpour without a coat? (should be funny though).

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