The great run of nice overnight weather has finally come to an end with this weekend being a total washout for my part of the country. The thing is I worked out a plan to get everything done between Monday to Friday this week as the regular weekend camping trips have made Swiss cheese of my work routine.

rain clouds

Not my Picture, Couldn’t be Bother to Take a Photo of the Rain

So here I am on Sunday afternoon staring out the window at the wet and windy weather with absolutely nothing to do, even got some steak in specially this week for the camp fire.

In fact, this whole week doesn’t look promising unless I take the drastic step of dragging a tent along (something I’d rather avoid).

Messing With My Target

Going to set the bar very high this year on the number of nights spent sleeping out so I’ll have a real battle on my hands next year when I try to top it.

This week has put a dent in the plan but with any luck August will be a cracking month with the sort of overnight temperatures that make camping without a tent on the higher mountains a pleasure instead of just about bearable 🙂

But this is the UK and anythings possible.

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