The raise in temperature along with a decent dose of rain has done a great job on the snow and its mostly all gone from Penzance with only the more stubborn patches of ice left in places.

Taking a stroll out onto the coast path this morning shows all that snow melt has made a total mess of the trail though (10 times worst than the water logged stuff I started this trip slogging through) and it really does look like someones been driving herds of cows along it just for the want of something better to do 🙂



I can’t seem to win at the moment and its killing me just hanging around waiting for things to right themselves. Maybe the last few days of being in nice clean clothes has ruined my hobo mood slightly and I’m dreaming of those baking hot summer days every morning when I wake up!

And like an extra unwanted topping its just started raining 🙁

What’s going on with Penzance?

All seaside resorts are a little hard to take during the winter months and Penzance is no exception. The whole place seems like it needs a good wake up call at the moment with that made even worst over the last few days as a good deal of the shops have either stayed shut or closing very early due to the poor weather/road conditions.

Its OK as I get that’s the way it is this time of year but the one weird aspect of this place is the constant wind blowing through the streets that’s bordering on the paranormal.

It seems no matter where you are in the main town there’s just no escape from the breeze. Think that you can hide from the wind chill by turning a corner? Think again because its like the whole layout of the streets have been specially engineered to funnel fresh freezing cold air down every bloody alleyway!

The only possible escape is inside a building with all the windows sealed tight and this place is rapidly moving towards the top spot in my “I’d rather die then settle down here” list 🙂

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