Getting a standard flame lighter to work when camped half way up a mountain while the wind is giving it some can be a challenge and I’ve long had a pair of jet flame lighters in my kit, but after bumping into a friend last week who’s probably more mad for the outdoors than me, it looks like they’re going to be retired to a drawer somewhere.

I’m taking about the electric arc lighters and after having a good mess around with the two my sometimes camping partner had, I’m converted!. Having no gas to worry about, easily charged via a USB socket and no need to deal with the wind, makes me wonder how I missed the boat on this one for so long?

After trawling some online stores it seems like the Tesla Coil Brand of Electric Lighters looks like my best bet and I’ve set my heart on a dual arc model (pictured below).


Tesla Coil Dual Arc Electric Lighter

Being impatient for a new toy saw me hitting all the local shops who’d most likely have them for sale. This turned up nothing 🙁 and I’ll have to take a trip next weekend to pick one up from a town that has more than shoe shops and banks lining its streets.

Another Thing to Waterproof

‘Most’ traditional gas lighters will take a soaking then nearly always come back to life once dried out but I’m sure these electric lighters won’t have the same tolerance for H2O. Already used to waterproofing the various bits of portable electronics that get dragged along on my camping trips means its just another piece to add to the caution pile!

Once its in my hand I’ll be putting a video up on Wild Terrains YouTube Channel (at last, an easy video to make!) so you can take a look at how they work.

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