Having way too much time indoors over the Christmas season due to the horrendous weather (although I did give it a good go, as you can read here), I took to finding some new blogs to follow.

Many get started then quickly abandoned and Google still likes to throw these up, even though they haven’t been updated in years?. Digging through the stale websites turned up a few worth bookmarking, but one in particular ticked all the boxes.

Kates Wild Camping

Glyder Fach

Glyder Fach

Anywho, before this post turns into a rant about the shortcomings of search engines, lets take a look at Kates Wild Camping

Set up on WordPress.com, Kate has produced an easy to read and uncluttered blog with nothing to distract you from the main content.

You can just tell that she loves getting herself up mountains and isn’t afraid of a little bad weather camping. All the posts are filled with cracking pictures, not only of camping spots but the functional gear shes got together.

Wrote in an easy to read fashion with a great flowing style and the lack of any menus makes it into a true time line of nights spent outdoors.

Ain’t No Stopping!

Go through enough of the posts (plus reading the bio) and you’ll see that even though Kate has the sort of health issues that would probably keep most of us at home, she still makes the effort to have nights on mountains when ever possible.

I don’t often reference many other camping blogs on this website, so if you have a few minutes to spare please pop over, have a read and leave a comment (or two).

One Response to Added New Camping Blog To My Reading List

  1. Hugh Sandie says:

    Hi Carl – just came across your website – you posted on a blog of mine in 2014 and I only just got around to clicking on your link. I’ll join your newsletter as well. If you ever need to go ‘legit’ camping I think you like my Beech Estate site.
    I’ll check out Kate’s blofg as well.

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