Now and then things go wrong outdoors and I end up with an injury, for the most part these are just the usual scrapes and bruises, but as I’m ageing these little ‘bumps’ need some serious down time to sort out. Gone are those beautiful days when sliding 200 yards down a mountain scrabble patch was hardly a problem 🙂

Last weekend was one of those times, so I’ve done my best this weekend to rest up in an effort to get on with my life over the coming week. As mentioned before (probably too many times!) sleep doesn’t come easy for me and without the usual couple of days hiking/climbing to drain excess energy, its been even more sparse.

Just Chilling!

Just Chilling!

As I’m writing this its just gone 9am on a Monday morning and although the left side of my body is feeling a lot better, I’m still fighting the urge to pick up one of the per-packed ‘bug out’ rucksacks laying by the front door and head out for a full days hiking (made worse by the fact that I have very few ‘important’ things to do today).

Without a doubt the week ahead is going to be a long one, but when Friday comes around this old body will be ready to do it all again and hopefully without half killing myself in the process.

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