When the rehashed Nokia 3310 for released I planned to get one because this basic mobile has the sort of standby (27 days) and talk times (6.5 hrs) that my smartphone can only dream of and I was tired of having to switch off the mobile while camping just so it had enough power left for when I really needed it.

Unfortunately my provider (O2) seemed reluctant to go anywhere near them at the time and not wanting to managed a second phone account, I put the whole thing on hold.

Day Glow Nokia 3310

Day Glow Nokia 3310

With my mobile being the first point of contact should if I screw up badly while enjoying risky side of camping that triggers me (bound to happen one day), I popped into the O2 shop last weekend in the hope of picking up something that would do at least half the job of the 3310 only to find that they had them on sale for 20 bucks 🙂

If your young enough not to remember these phones the first time around, they were pretty much indestructible and had a clown car effect that meant once dropped, all the pieces would fly off in different directions but fitted together again and worked fine.

The color wouldn’t be my first choice but that’s all they had left and it does make it easier to find if (sorry, when) it gets dropped somewhere. There also no touch screen function, but this doesn’t stop me jabbing my finger at it because that’s what modern mobile phones have conditioned my brain to do!

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