There’s an app for everything these days and more than a few track/distance/map types to go around for outdoor use. Some require you to be connected to the web and some (like Hikepack) are happy to work completely offline (a serious battery saver on any smartphone).

Hikepack Offline Satellite Mode

Hikepack Offline Satellite Mode

Currently only available on iPhone and iPad, but they are understandably working towards releasing an android version sometime next year. There’s good map coverage for the US and Europe (UK, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Romania and Slovenia) with over 500 maps.

The UK alone has maps covering a nice selection of the better hiking/camping areas. All maps are there for download, but you’ll need a subscription (or free trial) to access their features.

You can find more information over at Hikepack’s Website (

For a quick look at the app itself, here’s a Youtube Video of it in operation.

How to get a Free Trial of Hikepack

The people over at Hikepack have offered you lucky people a free month to test out the app.

Wild Terrain readers get a free 1 month Pro Pass voucher.

To get the free trial, send a message with “Wild Terrain” to Hikepack’s Facebook Page ( or email address (

Trial voucher needs to be used by 15th of September and its on a first come, first serve basis with 1000 up for grabs.

Please be aware that I have no control over the free trial sign up process, so if you have problems please get in touch with Hikepack themselves.

If you do go ahead with a subscription to this app, its £1.99 for 1 month, 3 months at £3.99 and a full 12 months for £9.99

Promotion Transparency

I was offered an extended freebie by Hikepack so I could do a possible full recommendation of the app, but as I’m not a big mobile phone user, it would have been wasted on me. Besides, the picture below is the phone I take camping and I’m sure squeezing the app onto it isn’t going to fly 🙂

Old School? But hey!, 7 days on standby without a charge, can’t knock it!

I did however jump at the option of a free trial for anybody who wants it, as I think the app has promise, and you all get to try a new piece of hiking software that you may find useful in the long term.

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