All the snow has disappeared at my end of the UK so no more building igloos or sledging, but with a couple of days or heavy rain and all the water from the melted snow its perfect for a bit of sliding about on a mountain bike.

Having a bunch of old clothes that you don’t mind ruining is essential for days like these, as they are just as likely to get torn as cover in mud

Arrow valley lake Redditch 17

This is Arrow valley lake about 3 miles from my home base, a huge area with lots of little ponds and streams that produce great muddy tracks to skid around.

Arrow valley lake Redditch 18

Only came off the bike a few times today but still managed to cake the right side of my head in mud and got some great looks on the ride home.

This is my old throwaway bike, only used if there is a good chance I may seriously damage something pricy. Wont take a new bike through all this mud and water, at least until its got a few more scratches on it.

Have given this Trax a good thrashing and apart from a broken spoke on the back wheel and dud front suspension its still bundles of fun. Its easier to go that little bit further when your not too concern about breaking the bike your riding.

Arrow valley lake Redditch 16

Here are a few more pictures of Arrow Valley lake which is at the center of different field and wooded areas.

Arrow valley lake Redditch 14

Arrow valley lake Redditch 15

Arrow valley lake Redditch 19

Arrow valley lake Redditch 20

Summers on the way

Getting properly warmed up for the summer now and need to get some more exercise before those big wild camping weekends or its going to be hard going. Made the mistake of taking it too easy one year, making the first couple of mountain climbs an absolute nightmare.

Won’t be making that mistake ever again.

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