To say its been a mental week would be an understatement. Even having no debts and no real commitments its taken a huge amount of work just to get everything sorted so I can start travelling again. Admittedly a fair amount of this effort has been sorting out all the bits and pieces so my blogs can survive me being technically ‘of no fixed abode’.

This packs still a bit on the heavy side and would be a nightmare if a time limit was an issue, but with nowhere in particular to be at a certain time, it’ll be a OK for a slow pace across the coast. There are more ‘electronics’ than I usually take which are unfortunately all needed (gotta have my toys!).

Keeping in mind that the initial idea is to walk the south west cost path for a few weeks while cooking up a longer term plan, weight is going to be an issue and I’d rather spend the time getting it right now than dumping kit as I go (messy and time consuming). As usual I packed way too much clothing but managed to trim that down a lot with the idea that hard wearing/throwaway gear is cheap enough to buy new if needed.

Some Things are Worth the Extra Weight

Sandwiched in between all the kit that’s going to make my life more comfortable is one of my better Ham radios that’s built for portable use and designed to work on ‘off the shelf’ batteries. This does add a bit of weight, although its going to be worth it as this provides me an additional point of contact in case of emergencies along with giving me something nerdy to do while chilling out camping.

FT817ND with LDG Z817 Autotuner

Can’t Erase the Whole Geek

Batteries do weigh a ton though and will be careful not to try and jam too many into my backpack in one go.

Time to Go!

So at long last its time to bug out, its been a killer this week just hanging around waiting for stuff to get sorted and by tomorrow afternoon I’ll be stretching my legs along the beautiful south west coast path 🙂

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