Its been a long time coming, but this blog has finally reached the grand total of 300 posts. This was a very slow process, although the increased writing over the last few months has helped to get it there.

Sometimes I like to get posts prepped if they’re going to be published at a future date. Site news and planned camping/hiking trips all get a framework laid out, then fleshed out with much more info later on. As such this post has been half ready for a while now, and it would have seen the light of day earlier if I’d had more time for writing over the last 2 months (there was yet another house move to deal with, and you know how that can be).

Much has happened since this blog was started…kicked a boring life to the curb… lots of moving around the country…the end of a long relationship (and a vow to stay single from now on)…finally got to live by the seasidehalf killed myself on the SWCP in winter(seriously, do NOT walk the path in winter!)…a massive and welcome change in my business…the list goes on.

Back to the Beginning

The very first Wild Terrain Blog Post, way back in January 2013 is fun to look back at, even though it’s a bit poor and I’d like to think that practice has made me a better writer since those confusing early days 🙂

Unlike a lot of people who enter into the world of web publishing (is that what this is?), I never really had a well laid out plan for Wild Terrain. That statement alone makes it seem like I’ve been ‘winging it’ for 5 years and to be honest not very far from the truth, with the style of content changing that drastically from one month to another, it sometimes seems someone else has taken over (the site, not my mind).

No idea what the future holds, but I’m Enjoying Making Videos at the moment, so at the very least you can expect much more of that. The summers kicking in properly (at last) and now the latest house move is all done, I’ll be hitting the camping/hiking in Cornwall hard and bringing a whole load of new content.

Bet you can’t wait 😉

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