Compiled after almost 2 decades of way too much wild camping without a tent here is our 5 things to take wild camping list.

1. Black Bags (Bin Liners)

Started carrying these as part of our regular wild camping kit 10 years ago and you would not believe the things they have been used for since then. Waterproof and lightweight they can be used to store rubbish, dirty clothes, good for keeping kindling dry and add another level of emergency waterproofing to you and your camping gear.

2. Dried Nuts

As an emergency food source dried nuts cannot be beaten, they don’t melt in the sun, you can eat them wheather they are hot or frozen and if they get dirty they can be washed and eaten (oh yeah that has happened!). A great energy provider nuts supply you with so much out of a small packet which helps to free up space in your backpack.

The only drawback with nuts is if its all you have to eat for a few days they can cause problems when going to the toilet so really only to be eaten in large quantities if there is no other choice.

3. Torch

Apart from being zero fun stumbling around in the dark is going to really mess with your wild camping trip if your not careful so always take a torch. At minimum you should have one good torch with a replacement bulb and depending how long you are camping for enough quality batteries to keep you going.

Best not to go too cheap when buying batteries as a torch will go through budget batteries very fast, remember if you can buy twenty batteries for the same piece as a hot dog they are NOT quality and are at best just dead weight in your backpack.

4. Mobile Phone

The most common access for walkers and climbers to the help of the emergency services is the mobile phone and not taking one wild camping is crazy. Make sure it is fully charged with another fully charged spare battery if you have one and keep the phone in a resealable airtight plastic bag when not using it.

After having a phone fail on us when we needed it we tend to take 2 basic mobile phones now. By using a very basic model without all the fancy toys included on smartphones the battery life is more than double.

5. Big Knife

There is no substitute for a really big knife when wild camping with something almost like a small machete being ideal, heavy enough to deal with chopping small pieces of wood for the fire and wide enough to scoop meat from the hot plate once its cooked.

We really recommend getting a knife with a sheath to keep it covered while in your pack as its pointed end can cause havoc slicing through your possessions especially if you fall over (yep that’s happened as well).

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