With a sleep pattern that drives Michelle crazy, I’m normally the first one out of bed and the last to hit the sack at night. This does mean I get a good start on the day to tackle some big weekends hikes, with wintertime seeing the first few hours walking done in darkness.

Sun up is about 5am at the moment so its properly light when I leave the house, making the more unlit routes like country lanes and canals perfect targets. Never missing a good Friday walk (unless its really raining), this week I decided to tackle the 20 mile canal route to Worcester.

worcester canal hike

Canal Preamble

Distance 20 Miles (ish)
Time To Complete – 8 Hrs 10 Mins

Its takes about 2 hours to hike out of Redditch, to a point where I can join the canal, which is slightly in the wrong direction and adds some extra time to the walk. As the crow flies it not that far but there’s a mass of impassable farm land in between so you have to take a less direct route in order to meet up with the canal.

There are a few different ways you can go and they all take you passed at least one big 24hr supermarket to stock up on munchies for the trip. I always feel less guilty about eating unhealthy food when I’m dragging myself over long distances 🙂

What looked like a moody morning turned into an ideal day for walking. Patchy cloud cover kept most of the direct sunlight away and a 5 – 8 mph wind helped cool me down as I chewed up the miles.

Canal lock house

Highlight Of The Hike…

Seeing the look of absolute terror on a young girls face as she lost her footing while messing about on a moving barge’s roof and only narrowly missed ending up in the dirty canal.


Having a crazy looking border collie try to bite one of my fingers off was annoying in itself but the most maddening thing was the “isn’t he cute” smile the owner gave me. Good job I was in a happy mood or they’d both have ended up in the canal.

Here’s a few pointers if your dog goes around randomly biting people.

1. Train It Not To Bite People
2. Muzzle it
3. At Least Try to Apologize to your Dogs victims
4. Keep Some Smart Clothes on Standby for your Upcoming Court Appearances

Pictures and a Definitive Video

Here’s some more pictures I took and a video that covers the whole hike in under 8 minutes.

You’d not believe how long it took to make the video as each picture had to be sized before use and my video editing skills need a lot of work, would like to think I’m getting better though 🙂

old barn

sunny canal

canal tunnel

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