Its a great day for all those involved in the creation of Wild Terrain as we have reached our 100th blog post. Right from the start back in early 2013 we always saw this website as a long term project. Seems like its taken forever to get here but things were all over the place at the start with no content plan or schedule to speak of.

fireworks at night

Even though we had no idea where the site was going at the beginning things have really started to fall into place over the last few months. The content is getting easier to write and (we hope) a lot more in depth than the earlier articles.

If your wondering how the very first piece added way back in January 2013 looked you can find it here, some great pictures but not much else and we soon realized learning to write more would be a good idea.

Slightly Rocky Road

Its been interesting at times with the search engines almost schizophrenic treatment of our creation, we used to worry way too much about the visitors they were sending us but like that slightly crazy uncle you learn to live with them after a while.

Anybody running a website can’t escape the beast that is SEO meaning we’ve had to learn more about it than we would care to admit but at least all that cramming is bringing us extra readers.

Looking Forward to the Next 10 Years

Its inspired us to take the website to a whole new level over the year ahead with a list of new features (some maybe a bit overambitious) that we would like to add if time and technology allows 🙂

We’ve started adding videos and pictures of our own wild camping trips and plans are in place to start showing visitors pictures in the future with the possibility of letting them add there own (will need some sort of moderation).

Managing the site has become a lot easier as our knowledge has increased and we are looking ahead now at the years to come. So bookmark us, join our mailing list or hit us up on the social media accounts shown at the top of the page.

Very much in the style of a teary Oscar’s speech we would like to thank everybody who has helped no matter how small. And a special thank has to go to my wife Michelle for putting up with all the technical “stuff” Ive submitted her to for the last two years.

All the best Carl and the Wild Terrain Team

Firework Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license)

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